The Girls' Brigade

1st Ardrossan Girls Brigade has been around since 1927, and for those who may not know,

Girls Brigade is a Christian uniformed organisation for girls of school age and our motto

is Seek, Serve and Follow Christ

Girls work towards awards which are presented annually, and the older girls have an opportunity to work towards the Brigader Brooch – the second highest award in Brigade. We have presented 4 of these since 2000 as well as presented 293 other awards. When we’re not working on our awards, we have lots of other activities that we take part in.

We are part of North Ayrshire Division and take part in all the annual competitions, the Bible Competition and the Swimming Gala. Our girls always do really well at all the competitions. In the past we have hosted the Divisional Competitions and also the annual Praise Service.

We have lots of fun at Girls Brigade – we have enjoyed DVD nights, themed party nights, and so on. We’ve had trips to Culzean, Kelburn, pantos in Glasgow and nights at the cinema. These are just a few of the many fun nights and activities that we have enjoyed. Most of these nights take place during the school holidays and this gives us the chance to meet informally with the girls and hopefully keep their interest in Girls Brigade. The girls obviously enjoy these nights too, as they are very well attended.

Just like any group, we need funds to operate. Girls pay a weekly collection, and we are required to send a Capitation Fee for each member of the Company to GB Scotland (this year the fees are £18 per member).  We decided a few years ago, when the fees unfortunately started to increase substantially, that we would peg the fees at £10 per member and fundraise the balance. By doing this we hoped that it wouldn’t put any girls off from coming along, especially those who have a sister in the company. Our former treasurer, Mrs Netta McConnell, set us up for Gift Aid, and in the early days, that was enough to cover the balance, but as fees have increased year on year, we have had to look at other ways of raising funds and in past years we have gone bag-packing, held  Chinese Auctions, hosted a Craft Fayre, and held an Easter Bunny Drive to name but a few.

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