Park Church  has entered into  a twinning arrangement with Kazomba Church in Milala Presbytery in Malawi. This was one of the Churches  our minister visited last year.  Twinning is about getting to know each other better, understanding the work and challenges that each congregation faces and supporting one another in prayer and practice. 

The photographs above show Tanya, our minister, and Rev. James Bright Mphande (Parish Minister)as they sign the twinning agreement in Park Church on 10th June 2018. 

There are several organizations associated with Kazomba church, much like our own church, which include Women’s Guild, Men’s Guild, Sunday School and Christian Youth Fellowship. 


Currently Kazomba congregation is comprised of 6 prayer houses namely Mziza, Kabuku, Elunyeni, Mnjiri, Kavikula and Kazomba. Very soon they will open an additional prayer house.  Kazomba congregation has  510 communicants on its rolls.

They are currently finishing the main Church building, installing electricity both in the Church and manse and erecting a Church building at Kabuku. For the future they are looking at introducing  monthly income generating activities for the Church such as having a maize mill for the congregation and would also like to have computers in the Church office to access internet services for better and easier communication and also   to  help in proper keeping of  Church records. 

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