Malawi March 2021

James has now taken up his new charge at Chilumba duty station.  He would like to thank Park Church for the support he received while serving Kazomba congregation.

This is a picture of the Rev. Godfrey Gas Phiri and his wife Lydia Banda.  Rev Phiri is the new minister of Kazomba Church.

Godfrey (29) and Lydia (26) have a 3 year old daughter - Princess Gas.  He graduated from Zomba Theological college with distinction.  His wife is a journalist by profession but is presently doing a teaching course at Embangweni teacher training college.  They both enjoy reading, listening to music and watching and playing football.  Their home village is Mwambazi in Khata Bay, a few metres from Lake Malawi.

They are looking forward to the continuing friendship with Park Church.

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Malawi January 2021

email from James

"I just want to let you know that the Synod is moving me out of Kazomba to Chilumba congregation in Karonga.  I am yet to know the minister who will replace me.  Soon after it gets to my notice I will let you know.  May Go continue blessing you. Will keep in touch."

Malawi October 2020


Today we were taking off iron sheets from this building so that we use them to roof our kitchen which is being built currently. We cannot manage to buy new iron sheets due to financial constraints

Members of women's guild moving iron sheets from the old church building.


Malawi August 2020

Malawi update from James.

They have started building the foundation for the kitchen. Picture 2 shows the builder Mr Wysard Mkandawire. Picture 3 shows the manse and Kazomba station church in the background.


Malawi June 2020

“We are doing well, how are you over there together with members of Park Church. 


Truly we've been affected somehow by corona virus hence many programmes have been put on hold by our synod. This year we won't have guilds annual conferences and evangelism rallies as usual. 

Last week we had Milala presbytery AGM of less than 100 people for only two days while previously we are used to conduct this meeting for 4 days with over 200 people. 


The number of corona virus cases is rising in Malawi currently, it might possibly lead to some strict measures by the government. 


The kitchen project is in progress but still on bricks moulding phase. Hopefully this month or early July we will start building. This money will really help us to buy iron sheets, timber and pay the builder.


We too are praying for you brothers and sisters.”








We sent £700 from Park congregation to help with their kitchen building project.  So far they have employed two men to make the bricks for the project.

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Malawi June 2018

Park Church  has entered into  a twinning arrangement with Kazomba Church in Milala Presbytery in Malawi. This was one of the Churches  our minister visited last year.  Twinning is about getting to know each other better, understanding the work and challenges that each congregation faces and supporting one another in prayer and practice. 

The photographs above show Tanya, our previous minister, and Rev. James Bright Mphande (Parish Minister)as they sign the twinning agreement in Park Church on 10th June 2018. 

There are several organizations associated with Kazomba church, much like our own church, which include Women’s Guild, Men’s Guild, Sunday School and Christian Youth Fellowship. 


Currently Kazomba congregation is comprised of 6 prayer houses namely Mziza, Kabuku, Elunyeni, Mnjiri, Kavikula and Kazomba. Very soon they will open an additional prayer house.  Kazomba congregation has  510 communicants on its rolls.

Park Church has a "Malawi Fund" which is used to support Kazomba church.  Money is sent to Malawi when there is a specific need such as a new school roof, mosquito nets, or  shelters.