Park Church is currently in a vacancy situation
 The minister, together with the Kirk Session, governs the Church within a Presbyterian system of government. Members of the congregation, along with elders form the leadership for our congregational committees.  (For a note of our committees see "Teams" above - Unitary constitution).

Our Interim Moderator Rev. Alan Ward has had much experience in vacancy situations and has acted as Interim Moderator for a number of churches.

Rev. Marion Howie  joined Park Church as a probationary auxiliary minister in 1991 and stayed with us for 18 years.  She has recently returned to become our Locum during the vacancy.  She has a wealth of experience, both as an Interim Moderator and Locum, having worked in a variety of churches across Ardrossan Presbytery.
Telephone: 466571

Session Clerk
Our Session Clerk is Moira Crocker


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