On 9 January 1857, 15 men met in Ardrossan and agreed to take steps to form a United Presbyterian Church Congregation.


The first elders were ordained in May of that year and the first Communion held on 26 July 1857.  The first minister was inducted on 22 December 1857  and the original church building in Glasgow Street (now the Church of the Nazarene) was opened for public worship on 27 December 1857.


In 1900 the congregation agreed to union with the Free Church and the church became Park United Free Church of Scotland.


In 1929 the congregation assented to union with the Church of Scotland retaining the name “Park” and was allocated a parish in Ardrossan, North of Eglinton Road.


In 1942, the congregation agreed, with the approval of Presbytery to be ‘transported’ eventually to a new building situated centrally in the Park Parish.


In 1958 work began on the present building in Dalry Road and the congregation was formally moved to the new location on 26 September 1959.   At this stage the congregation adopted the Model Constitution Quoad Sacra of 1931 (as amended).


 Rev William Rigby Murray 1857 – 1860

 Rev Simon S Stobbs1861 – 1872

 Rev William McGilchrist 1873 – 1911

 Rev Campbell Stephen1911 – 1917

 Rev Robert Whiteford1918 – 1942

 Rev James S Clark1943 – 1949

 Rev Donald Currie1950 – 1964

 Rev David Lyall1965 – 1971

 Rev George B Wilson1972 – 1977

 Rev Kenneth J Pattison1977 – 1984

 Rev Alexandeer Downie1985 – 1997

 Rev William Johnstone 1998 – 2009

 Rev Tanya Webster2011 – 2019 


Rev Marion Howie also served as auxiliary minister alongside the ministers from 1991 - 2009